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I can find social media a bit overwhelming at times but I do enjoy Instagram. Sharing pictures and seeing other people’s beautiful gardens is fun and inspiring.

After many requests for a video rather than a still photo of my work, I’ve given IGTV (Instagram TV) a go. This allows you to post longer videos than the one minute that is the restriction for posting on your main feed.

Rather than posting how to videos, I want to share the hand clipping experience and hopefully convey some of the satisfaction I gain from achieving a beautiful curve or a well shaped ball.

I’m really pleased the videos have proved popular. Many people are experiencing the calming effect of clipping by hearing the sound of the shears. It’s wonderful this is happening because I find the hand clipping process is so good for mental health.

We’ve all had a tough start to the year with the anxiety of the Covid-19 pandemic. I’ve also had some issues in my personal life that have made 2020 particularly difficult. But what has helped me is the mindfulness of hand clipping – by being able to focus solely on the plant through sight, touch and sound and clear the muddled mind of all anxiety.

I will explore more in the future the mental health benefits of hand clipping. But in the meantime hopefully my short videos will continue to help people switch off for a few minutes and share with me what I experience with my topiary work.

Please follow this link to view my other videos on my IGTV channel –

By James Todman

Topiary Specialist based in The Cotswolds, UK.

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Thanks so much James for all your helpful videos on your Box work and maintenance. Truly wonderful and a work of art. You are the greatest. Now I may be bold here and ask if you find a box that has Blight what do you do in video format . All your Box work has no Blight I know but if you come across some I would love to see how you treat it in video format. No doubt others would also. You are so good to share so much with us all. Thanks a million. Cheers, Tre

Thanks Tre. My videos at the moment are about sharing the clipping experience and the mindful benefits this can have. But thank you for your suggestion. I may in the future consider doing more practical videos and treating box blight will be high up the list.

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