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Most of my hand tools are from Niwaki. I’ve tried shears, clippers and secateurs from other sources but none match the quality and craftsmanship of the tools that Niwaki supplies.

Niwaki started out as a small venture in 1997, importing tripod ladders from Japan, and has now become a popular and respected retailer of fine Japanese tools for topiary, floristry, bonsai and the art of ‘Niwaki’.

Jake Hobson and his team are always available to provide advice when needed. So if you have any questions about their products, then don’t hesitate to ask. I did, as I wanted to know the five bestselling products for hand clipping enthusiasts like me that would make good Christmas presents.

As well as his recommendations, Jake has kindly given me a discount code to pass on to you. Use the code TODMAN to receive a 10% discount on all their products. And the other good news is Niwaki will deliver worldwide- but order early to ensure the products arrive before Christmas.

Niwaki Topiary Shears

Niwaki Topiary Shears

I love these shears. They are the ones I use the most for clipping Buxus. White Oak handles, Aogami Blue Paper Steel blades and beautifully balanced. Only downside is the blades are made from such fine, knife-like steel that they are not suitable for clipping thicker stemmed shrubs. But if you clip Buxus, then owning these shears is a must.

Niwaki Sharpening Stones

Niwaki Sharpening Stone

A beautiful sharpening stone that I use regularly on my shears, clippers and secateurs. Niwaki sell them in three grits – coarse, fine and super fine. I only use the coarse and super fine occasionally. My go-to stone is the #1000 grit featured in the image above. I use this to keep the edges on my blades razor sharp every time I clip. One tip is to soak the stone thoroughly in water before using to remove all the air pockets- will last a lot longer.

Crean Mate

Crean Mate

Blades on clippers, shears and secateurs can become coated in sap from the plants, causing the blades to stick a bit when clipping. Water will remove some sap but the blades should be cleaned regularly to keep them in the best shape. Crean Mate works like a small scouring pad that can be rubbed along the steel to remove this sticky sap. Just needs to be soaked in water before use or use with a few drops of Camelia oil. The Crean Mate is made from a material that won’t scratch even the finest steel blades.

Niwaki GR Pro Topiary Clippers

Niwaki GR Pro Topiary Clippers

One handed clippers are essential for topiary work and will always be found in a holster hanging from my belt. I use them for hand clipping smaller box balls and more detailed work on larger topiary. They are also useful for routine gardening jobs such as clipping lavender and cutting back herbaceous perennials, but not good for cutting thick stems – secateurs would be more suitable. The GR Pro Topiary Clippers are hand forged using a high carbon steel that holds a sharp edge beautifully.

Niwaki GR Pro Secateurs

Niwaki GR Pro Secateurs

The secateur’s blade is drop forged and hand finished from a carbon steel similar to the GR Pro Topiary Clippers. Holds a sharp edge really well and will only require minimal sharpening with the #1000 grit stone- maybe every two to three weeks depending on the amount of use. The bright yellow handles are very helpful too for locating secateurs lost in a shrub or long grass. Niwaki have three different GR Pro Secateurs to choose from – a right handed standard, a left handed standard and a larger one for more heavy duty clipping.

Last Ordering Dates

Niwaki are based in the UK but they do deliver worldwide. If you are thinking of ordering as a gift for Christmas, then please be aware of last ordering dates-

Delivery to non-UK mainland via DHL
12pm GMT on Friday 18th

Standard Delivery to UK mainland via Royal Mail
12pm GMT on Monday 21st

Next Day Delivery to UK mainland via FedEx
12pm GMT on Wednesday 23rd

I hope you find the 10% Off discount code TODMAN useful. Please feel free to share with friends who may also be interested in shopping at Niwaki.

If you follow this link then the code will be automatically applied –

By James Todman

Topiary Specialist based in The Cotswolds, UK.

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