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One afternoon while clipping, I started receiving notifications on my phone about a tweet being retweeted. I often receive one or two retweets, but this was more than usual.

Didn’t think too much about it until the evening when I had to switch the Twitter notifications off. Every few seconds my phone was telling me this tweet had received a new comment or was being retweeted – it was going viral.

The Tweet

To be honest I had put no thought into this tweet and definitely did not have the aim of going viral. My posts on Twitter are mostly of my clipping as people find them a welcome respite from the usual strong opinions and one-sided views aired on the social network.

Looking for suitable content to share, I thought a short clip of how I brush and shake a box ball half way through clipping might be fun.

What I didn’t realise is how many people would enjoy the Buxus wobble…

Going Viral

I can’t say going viral is the most enjoyable experience. I do use social media to share my work but I am quite a private person. To know over 7.8 million people have watched me wobbling a box ball is slightly unnerving.

But in a way I’m also quite pleased. In the difficult times we are currently living, with the worldwide pandemic and not knowing what the future holds, it’s wonderful knowing so many people are able to find a moment to share the enjoyment of watching a Buxus ball wobble. And all the comments are good natured and very funny.

Post Viral

The tweet has gone round the world a few times now, judging by the languages the comments are posted in. But finally it’s starting to slow down.

Thankfully my life has not changed. To my knowledge I’ve not become a meme or been asked to appear on The One Show.

My only issue is with a company using my video without permission to promote artificial topiary on Facebook. In a way this could be a back-handed compliment by saying my work doesn’t look real. However, after a few emails, I am hoping this problem has now been resolved.

I continue with my day to day work of clipping topiary but do now have slight trepidation when posting on Twitter as I don’t really want to repeat this experience. Instagram is a far gently place to share my work.

By James Todman

Topiary Specialist based in The Cotswolds, UK.

8 replies on “My Buxus Wobble Goes Viral on Twitter”

I have no idea what Twitter is! I enjoy Instagram and your inspiring clips! I am getting better and better clipping thanks to You!

It just goes to show the power of the Internet… for you it was a good post, but just imagine if it was a negative post the impact it would have.
Should make people realise the damage a negative comment or post can do.
Love your work James, well done on going viral. 👍

I saw it on IG and commented – it made me laugh then and again this morning. I thought it resembled a jelly then but on re-watching, I think its fascination might be that it looks like some kind of pet being groomed. Anyway, I love your IG posts and find many of them very useful, so thanks.

James this is amazing. Peter looked at the photograph and said it hardly seems real as it is so completely perfect.Your work is something else and you are amazing for the standard of perfection you achieve in all your work. Love your IG posts.

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