I’m a Topiary Artist based in Worcestershire, UK. I create free-form and geometric organic sculptures from plants.

Much of my work is with Boxwood and Yew but I love exploring new plants. Currently growing my experience of clipping conifers, in particular White Cedar and Lemon Cypress.

My organic sculptures are clipped by hand with shears and clippers. This allows me to work closer to the plant and help understand the growth habit while developing the shape.

The other benefit of hand clipping is that it’s far kinder to the plant. Sharp blades on shears and clippers create cleaner cuts that heal quicker, reducing the risk of browning and disease.

I am also keen to promote the benefits of clipping for mental health – an important issue for many during these difficult times.

As freelance writer, I am a regular contributor to the annual magazine of the European Boxwood and Topiary Society (Topiarius) I also write articles about topiary and creative clipping for trade publications and specialist magazines.

If you would like to know more about what I do then please email at jamestodman@icloud.com