Trimming the Straight Lines and Curves of Beautiful Box Design

Took quite a while but finally finished trimming and shaping a beautiful box design.

A formal, French influenced design of symmetrical box hedging is softened with the curves of box balls and domes.

The straight lines of the box hedging follow two water rills, leading from the top of the garden near the house down towards a square pond.

Around the pond is a symmetrical design of box hedging, punctuated with box domes and box balls.

A herringbone brick path leads its way around the design and curves at the far end with the box hedging.

Box balls fill the borders surrounding the design, softening the formality and straight lines of the box hedging in the central area.

The garden is on two levels, linked by steps that are mirrored with the box hedging.

I started on the curves, shaping the box balls and domes before moving on to trimming the straight lines of the box hedging.

The hedging enclosing the design is Copper or Purple Beech (Fagus sylvatica ‘Purpurea’). The colour contrasts beautifully with the green of the box.

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  1. There’s one photo posted here showing how you get the sides straight. But can you expand on this please. Also, how do you get the tops level for hedges that are perhaps metres apart or a knot garden without any consistent surface to refer to?

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