Trimming on Top of a Water Rill

I’m often faced with many challenges when trimming but this is the first time I’ve had to work with a water rill. It’s part of a stunning design that I’ve really enjoyed trimming and shaping over the last couple of weeks.

Thankfully the water rill is easily drained to enable essential maintenance work. I also use boards to cover the empty water channel. A wise idea because I can become very focused on my trimming and don’t want to risk breaking a leg by stepping backwards into a rill.

The trimmed box leaves are easily sucked up directly from the boards using a garden blower/ vac.

This has been a beautiful design to work on, full of wonderful curves and challenging straight lines. I am nearing the end now and will post some photos when finished.


  1. The design is incredible and your work is amazing. Thank you for showing the steps you take. So well done!

  2. John Arrell

    Awesome job as always James you work on such interesting projects

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