Box Beehives in the Cotswolds

I visit a private residence in the Cotswolds every year to trim their box topiary, which includes a wonderful geometric design of large box beehives on the main lawn. Really simple but very effective at breaking up a large area of green grass. Also adds perspective to the garden and frames the stunning countryside view when looking out from the house.

I’m not sure of the specific variety of box but it is a tougher type with leaves and stems thicker than common Buxus sempervirens. This helps the large box beehives to hold their shape, even with adverse weather conditions such as wind and snow.

Other topiary in this fabulous garden includes teardrop shaped box in Versailles planters, half ball box in tall planters and terracotta pots, plus a variety of box balls and cones.

Cooke 4Cooke 1Cooke 3Cooke 2Cooke 7


  1. Devon Green LLC

    Hi James – so happy to see more of this property. The beehives must be one tough buxus. What a spectacular sight 💚 You don’t ever spray them in the winter with pine resin, do you? Thank you for sharing ~

    1. No, I don’t think the owner does. They are a very robust box variety that can withstand the worst that winter throws at them.

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