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Mysterious Brown Circles Appearing on Box Hedging

I want to share with you a problem someone had with their box hedging that surrounds a lawn area.

Brown circular patches were appearing on the grass side of the box hedge, all at roughly the same height.

brown circle box hedge

The owner’s Labrador was accused of causing the damage so I was pleased to exonerate the dog of all blame.

Another worry is box blight but the leaf discolouration is not the same. Also unusual to see box blight outbreaks on the side of a box hedge in a circular shape.

The damage is a result of the hot exhaust on a lawnmower. Not normally an issue if the gardener keeps moving along the box hedging when cutting the grass.

But if the lawnmower is stationary next to the box hedge, the hot exhaust can ‘burn’ the leaves.

Often happens when the gardener needs to empty the grass collection box, or check their mobile phone.

brown circle box hedge

A simple way to avoid the damage is to invest in a battery powered or electric mower. But if this is not possible then always keep moving past the hedge when cutting the grass and only stop the lawnmower when at a safe distance.

Similar damage can occur with petrol powered leaf blowers and with the exhaust from cars or vans. The latter is often seen on box hedging planted along driveways.

The box hedging will recover but may need some extra love and care. Regular feeds of Topbuxus ‘Health Mix’ or Seaweed Extract every 4 weeks during the growing season will help.

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