Linking a Garden with Doorways in Hedges


Recently I have become mildly obsessed with doorways cut into hedges. I think they are a wonderful way for large gardens to link different areas.

Too often hedges are seen as static features, acting as a barrier to divide one area from another. By cutting a doorway the hedge’s purpose changes and becomes an integral part of the garden design, linking rather than preventing access.

And there is also something ‘Alice in Wonderland’ about them, appealing to our human nature to explore.

I am lucky by living in the Cotswolds to have two gardens nearby that utilise hedge doorways with great success. They are Hidcote and Kiftsgate. Here are a few examples from those gardens that may help explain my growing obsesssion with this design feature:


Hornbeam Walkway through Spring and Summer

My Work

A lot of my time has been spent working on a Hornbeam Walkway as it transistions from Spring through to Summer.

This is one of my favourite areas in my client’s garden. The pleached Hornbeam looked fantastic and draw the eye to a beautiful elf sculpture and water feature at the far end- expertly modelled here by my dog Hamish!